T-1 Residential Digital Control

T-1 Residential Digital Control
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Helo T-1 Residential Digital Control, Programmable time and temperature, 24 hour preset

Sleek dark glass display panel and soft glowing lights of the T1 Touch Screen Sauna Control provide a contemporary look that fits well with high-end bathrooms and saunas. Touch screen operation provides easy control of sauna temperature and time settings. The large T1 screen displays sauna temperature and time of day, and the temperature can be displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The display screen features an adjustable sleep mode with integral sensor to activate the screen when approached.

Simply wave your hand in front of the control or touch the screen to activate. Multiple language settings include English and Spanish. The T1 has a delayed start feature to pre-heat the sauna at a selected time of day, eliminating the need for bathers to wait for the room to reach the set temperature. The control features flush-mount, low-profile installation for a neat, professional look. A remote mounted sensor allows the T1 Touch Screen Sauna Control to be located in any number of locations outside the sauna, and it can be mounted inside the sauna, if kept below 35" high.