SelectEDGE Cable Crossover Plus

SelectEDGE Cable Crossover Plus
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The SelectEDGE Cable Crossover Plus is a fully adjustable cable crossover along with a seated row station and a lat pulldown station. A multi-grip pull up bar sits in the middle, which allows up to five people to train on one piece of equipment at the same time.

Patented MAG handles come standard. MAG handles offer unique grips that make gloves and wrist straps unnecessary, even at higher weight reps.

Swiveling pulleys smoothly adjust on chrome-plated columns to one of 23 height positions in three-inch increments. Laser-cut numbering on the columns make equal height adjustments on each side simple.

The cable crossover has two 200-pound weight stacks with 2:1 pulley reduction, and the seated row and lat pulldown have 250-pound weight stacks. Weight stack upgrades are available for the cable crossover (250-pound and 300 pound), the lat pulldown (300-pound), and the seated row (300-pound).

Like all SelectEDGE machines, the Cable Crossover Plus has partially hidden cables and a sleek, modern design. It is available in any of our numerous powder coat colors, with two tone upholstery standard.

  •     Adjustable cable crossover with seated row, lat pulldown, and multi-grip pull up bar.
  •     Includes two patent-protected MAG handles.
  •     Partially hidden cables and sleek SelectEDGE styling.
  •     Five users can train at once.