• Features
    • Olympic
    • Upper Body
    • Lower Body
    • Made In America
  • Product Type
    • Racks
    • Cages
    • Plates
    • Platforms
    • Stands
    • Vibration
  • Material
    • Chrome
    • Rubber
  • Movement
    • Linear
    • Leverage
  • Resistance
    • Air
  • Manufacturer
    • Keiser
    • FreeMotion
    • Legend
    • American Barbell

Racks, Cages and Platforms

Racks, Cages and Platforms
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This imposing piece of equipment towers over the weight room. The Legend Fitness 3221-8 Pro Serie..
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Revisions to this weight room staple make the Legend 3195-R All Rubber 8x8 Lifting Platform the l..
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The perfect training tool for any serious training, any exercise can be done safely and effective..
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Versatile" is a word that we use a lot to describe our products, and in this case it's especially..
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The larger of our two independent lifting platforms featuring the beautiful yet very durable lami..
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This imposing piece of equipment towers over the weight room. It is, quite simply, the strongest ..
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Shown here with the optional Pro Style top crossmember, product number 3199 is our robust Power C..
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It's all in a day's work when you incorporate the Legend 3155 Double-Sided Half Cage into your tr..
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A heavier-duty version of our 3209 Triple Power Cage. The “triple” part of the name comes from the f..
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The best value you'll find anywhere on a quality lifting platform. No better platform exists at t..
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The ideal in powerful strength development while maximizing floor space, the Legend 3227 Double-S..
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Bring your athletic training program to the next level with this rack and platform combo. Constru..
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Offered as an upgrade to our non Pro Series cages, this crossmember offers several advantages: ..
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3x3 11 gauge steel and 3/4" hardware makes this an incredibly solid rack with modular function..
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The Peg Squat Rack provides the most convenient and safest way to perform squats. This commercial..
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