Unilateral Leg Extension/Leg Curl

Unilateral Leg Extension/Leg Curl
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It was only natural, we suppose, that there should be this sort of leg machine in the LeverEDGE lineup. Even in "hardcore" gyms that frown on anything but freeweight equipment, you can usually find at least one concession to plate-loaded necessity: the leg extension/leg curl machine. Aside from grunting out squats in a cage or rack, this is the next most familiar leg exercise in American weight rooms.

Of particular appeal to bodybuilders, leg extension/leg curls (but only of the load 'em up plate-weighted variety) are excellent for building real muscle size on the front and back of the thighs. In contrast to the usual leg extension/leg curl, the LeverEDGE 6011 forces each leg to fend for itself by being unilateral, promoting equal muscle development in each leg.

Also, like all other members of the LeverEDGE family, a priority was placed on making certain that all meaningful fitment dimensions are extremely adjustable, with chrome-plated adjustment surfaces. Robust pillow bearings are as smooth as they are tough, the generous seating area is as durable as it is comfortable, and it all is built on a robust frame of 11 gauge steel.

Optimal Ergonomics
Generous seating area is large enough to accommodate linemen and both the seat back and the seat bottom adjust to a variety of upright sitting and prone lying angles for user comfort. Closed cell foam handles, dense seat padding and upholstered leg rollers complete the quality comfort picture.

Extreme Adjustability
Twin chrome-plated cam plates adjust to 17 angles for sitting and prone exercises, the leg rollers have 7 length positions, the seat bottom has 4 angles and the seat back has eight angle positions. Between all these adjustments, users of most any stature can find a comfortable position for high torque exercises.

Robust Construction
The frame was designed using 3D CAD software to minimize the use of fasteners, so that assembly only requires six bolts. This translates to easier setup, less maintenance, extra rigidity, and the ability to fit it through a standard door!

Smooth Operation
Heavy duty pillow block bearings are tough as nails, feature lubrication nipples for ease of maintenance, and are smooth enough to never get in the way of a workout.

Shipping Weight: 305lbs.
Measurements: (LxWxH):65"X75"X48"

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