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    • Fire Training
    • ADA Compatible
    • Adjustable
    • Upper Body
    • Lower Body
    • Core
    • Made In America
  • Product Type
    • Racks
    • Military
    • Multi Stack
    • Cables
    • Medicine Balls
    • Miscellaneous
    • Plyo
    • Single Station
    • Dual Station
    • Functional Trainers
    • Vibration
  • Application
    • Rehabilitation
  • Movement
    • Linear
    • Leverage
  • Resistance
    • Air
  • Manufacturer
    • FreeMotion
    • Keiser
    • Legend
    • Impulse Power
    • Troy Barbell

Sports Performance

Superb athletes need superb tools to perfect their skills and gain the highest level of performance. Diamond Fitness reviewed, evaluated and hand-picked equipment leveraging both hydraulics and air resistance so that you are guaranteed an optimal result. 

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Adjustable Step-Up Box
For weighted plyometrics or box squats. Fully welded. Steel platform tray w/ thick rubber surface..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Air250 Abdominal
The Air250 Abdominal is an essential and popular exercise. Few machines can duplicate the movemen..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Air250 Arm Curl
The Keiser Air250 Arm Curl allows for the easy curl grip which develops the biceps muscle while p..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Air250 Lat Pulldown
The revolutionary design of Keiser’s Air250 Lat Pull Down eliminates the cable, thereby reducing ..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Air250 Leg Extension
Air250 Leg Extension Keiser’s 250 Leg Extension was carefully designed to make entry into the mac..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Air250 Leg Extension ROM
Air250 Leg Extension W/ROM The 250 Leg Extension with range of motion offers all the same feature..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Air250 Leg Press
The Air250 Leg Press offers the same features as the Air300 Leg Press, except for a bilateral leg..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Air250 Lower Back
The Keiser Air250 Lower Back is an essential and complimentary companion to the Air250 Abdominal ..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Air250 Military Press
Keiser’s 250 Military Press features a seated position, giving the individual greater stability d..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Air250 Seated Chest Press
Resistance Range: 0 - 270 lbs / 0 - 122 kgThe Air250 Seated Chest Press has been designed to clos..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Air250 Seated Leg Curl
The Air300 Leg Curl features a supine workout position for superior muscle isolation; a higher ma..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Air250 Seated Leg Curl ROM
Ex Tax: $0.00
Air250 Standing Hip
The Air250 Standing Hip is the product of choice for athletes. It is essential for developing str..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Air250 Triceps
The Air250 Triceps machine offers superior isolation of the triceps muscle. Its simple, one-step ..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Air250 Upper Back
Keiser’s Air250 Upper Back is an effective and efficient exercise for the upper back and incorpor..
Ex Tax: $0.00
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