Corona 185 Mat in Blue, 72" x 39" x .6"

Corona 185 Mat in Blue, 72" x 39" x .6"
Brand: Airex
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approx. 185 x 100 x 1.5 cm / 3.8 kg
approx. 72 x 39 x 5/8 inches / 8 lbs

Easy and multifunctional

Premium quality and versatility make AIREX® products an ide-al basis for any kind of training. Since they flatten out quickly, AIREX® mats and balance products are instantly ready for a wide variety of training programs and exercises and offer endless possibilities for new workouts.

Indoors, outdoors and in the water – the indestructible AIREX® products are a must for any training. The material is flexible and always stays in top shape, just like you if you keep using it.

Pleasant and safe

New athletic activities and training forms are setting high standards for the material. It should be easy to use, flexible, pleasant, safe, robust, and as versatile as possible. The exer-cise mats and balance products of world market leader AIREX® meet these criteria.

AIREX® products offer optimal support and prevent painful slips on slick gym floors. The superior surfaces of mats and balance products feel pleasantly soft and warm. The excel-lent cushioning properties of the material are easy on joints, tendons and muscles; training becomes more effective and enjoyable – and perhaps more frequent.


Fitness and wellness, team sports, physical education or therapy – the use of AIREX® products will noticeably improve your physical agility. Upgrade your life!

New formula for effective hygienic protection

In response to increased hygiene needs, a new antibacterial agent was added to the innovative AIREX® material. Even antibiotic-resistant and highly aggressive CA-MRSA bacteria, frequently found in hospitals, fitness facilities and child daycare centers, will succumb to this effective hygienic protection. The improved hygiene formula of the new AIREX® mats, Coronella 200 and Corona 200, leaves germs without a chance.

Sustainability through durability

Extensive research with new components enabled AIREX® to significantly further improve the life and durability of its mats for indoor, outdoor and water use. Naturally, all materials are REACH-compatible and therefore comply with current requirements.

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