Rubberflex Speckled S Accent Tiles

Rubberflex Speckled S Accent Tiles
Brand: Centaur Floors
Product Code:

Priced per square foot.

Show some creative muscle! Rubberflex Speckled S accent tiles are available in 8mm thickness and two color intensity options (50% and 100%). Accent tiles provide designers and owners with a simple way to add colorful graphics or unique border treatments to their flooring.

Accent tiles are available in the following colors: Buff Blue, Grippin’ Grey, Take on Teal, Rippin Red, Yellow Surge, Pumping Purple, Brick Red, Orange Lift, and Goin’ for Gold.

Planning to install Rubberflex S yourself? We recommend using Rubberflex Adhesive or Ultra Grip Glue (Available in 2.5 gallons and 4 gallons).

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