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PuzzleTile™ flooring, made from recycled rubber, was created to provide an economical, yet superior, rubber flooring alternative to existing fleck or chip colored floor tiles. This is a non-glued down floor. Its portable and comes in boxes. PuzzleTile™ is specially engineered to provide the cushioned resilience lacking in most vulcanized raised and studded rubber floors.

Test results show that PuzzleTile™ not only exceeds ADA guidelines for slip-resistance, but ranks the highest in the flooring industry. PuzzleTile™ test results for abrasion resistance, an industry standard test for durability, exceeds those of its competition. The durability, safety, comfort and slip resistance of PuzzleTile™ make it the perfect solution for health clubs, wet areas, ramps, foyers, swimming pool walkways and more.

Speckled “S” is the innovative, aesthetic and environmentally-friendly choice among architects, designers and owners. PuzzleTile™ is available in tiles. Standard thickness of black, blue, and grey (10%) is 8mm. PuzzleTile™ is available 2’ x 2’ interlocking tiles. PuzzleTiles™ add the convenience of 24” x 24” or 2 foot by 2 foot locking tiles to the puzzletile speckled product.

At a durable 8mm thickness, PuzzleTile™ withstands the heavy wear and tear of fitness and workout areas while protecting your existing floors and equipment. It’s ideal for use in weight rooms, exercise or cardio areas, and circuit or performance training. Best of all - no adhesive is required.

The puzzle edges simply lock together, making them easy to handle and relocate. Border and corner tiles are also available to create custom-sized mats or to align flush with walls. PuzzleTiles are available standard in black, speckled blue, speckled gray, and custom colors upon request.