Pikkutonttu 45 Heater 208V

Pikkutonttu 45 Heater 208V
Brand: Helo
Product Code: Helo-9053-940

Pikkutonttu 45 Heater, 4.5KW, 208V, PH3 (100-210 cu. ft.), includes rocks (control not included)

Pikkutonttu, a member of the Tonttu series, designed by renowed Finnish designer, Ristomatti Ratia, harmoniously combines form and function. The super-insulated shell keeps heat-up time similar to a traditional heater and the huge rock mass (154#) provides luxurious soft heat and soft steam. The low surface temperature of the Helo Pikkutonttu makes it safe to use and the small safety distances give new possibilities for designing the sauna interior.

Low surface temperature

Perfect for the family, Pikkutonttu has a very low surface temperature, giving a minimal safety distance. This also presents more interior design opportunities. The heater has a large heat storage capacity and produces a thick steam cloud when water is poured on the rocks. 

Unique design

Pikkutonttu is part of the RATIA collection, ensuring world-class design with the latest innovations and functionalities.

Control options

Four different control options are easy to use and simple to install with low voltage cord

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