Boflex Transitions per foot in 6.5' increments

Boflex Transitions per foot in 6.5' increments
Brand: Centaur Floors
Product Code: CF-A-BF-Trans

Boflex Transitions per foot in 6.5' increments

The D.I.N certified Boflex Sports Performance Floor is the result of over 20 years of testing to perfect the ultimate in a pre-finished, high performance hardwood floor system. Boflex has been engineered to accommodate the high demand for quality hardwood floor surfacing for basketball courts, aerobics rooms, dance studios, and a variety of other applications. Through constant improvements in the manufacturing process, Boflex is now an economical alternative for a multi-use hardwood sport floor.

Utilizing a patented resilient foam channel understructure, Boflex is a unique floor system with the progressive resilience for safety, performance and comfort. The shock absorption channels allow even small children or lightweight athletes to gain immediate resilience. Tests carried out by numerous international sports institutes show that Boflex surpasses its rivals when it comes to shock absorption. The fact that Boflex exceeds all the requirements of D.I.N. standards is a testimony to the quality and engineering of this flooring product.

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